Dog Training Services

How Adapt K9 Can Help Your Dog

Hi, my name is Shane. I’m a professional dog trainer servicing San Diego County all the way to LA County. My job as your dog trainer is to offer you and your dog an adaptive approach for you and your dog to achieving your goals. I will teach you how to be the best owner for your dog and build a healthy relationship with them based on trust and clear consistent communication with your dog. evidently, you will become the dog trainer with the knowledge I provide for you and the skills that I would be teaching you. my most common dogs are reactive dogs whether it’s fear, aggression, or friendly frustration.

I prefer the first session to be at the home due to the fact that the dog spends the majority of its life inside the home. most problems whether it’s reactivity, fear, aggression, or just not following through with commands, all have a great deal to do with how the dog is structured and treated at home as well as other factors.

As far as puppies are concerned I always recommend the training to be done sooner than later. 8 weeks would be the earliest age. It’s a lot easier to prevent bad habits from starting instead of trying to fix them after the fact. You’re training that puppy the first day you get them whether you know it or not. it’s always better to do an initial session that way I can help you navigate puppyhood.